Thermostable gel fillings for confectionery

The filler has a delicate homogeneous structure, a rich taste and aroma.
It is successfully used in the manufacture of croissants, pies, cookies, cakes. The filler does not spread during baking and retains its thermostable properties and taste. Thermostable fillers can be added to the test preform before baking, as well as can be frozen in the test preform. Under the influence of high and low temperatures, they do not lose their taste and texture and are attractive to many cafes, bakeries, and other fast-food restaurants.
Gel fillers can also be used to decorate finished products, mix with buttercream, cheese, and milk fillers. Glue baked semi-finished products.
Recommended temperature modes
200-220 ℃ 15-20 min.

The composition of gel fillers includes white sugar, drinking water, corn starch, stabilizers, flavors, food dyes, preservatives.

Dry matter content 49 ± 2%
Nutritional value per 100 g
Carbohydrates – 47.3
Of these: sugar – 40.4
Salt – 0.8
Energy value per 100 g
kCal – 190
kJ – 795
Packing: corrugated box with PE-liner, net weight 10 kg.
Store at a temperature of 0 to +18 ℃ and relative humidity not exceeding 75%