Thermostable fillings for confectionery with applesauce

Fillers with natural apple puree have a delicate light texture and aroma of ripe fruit. They’ve also got an appropriate color palette. It is used in closed and open confectionery products. These fillers keep the form well and do not overflow. They can be not only heated in a product but also be frozen in test preparation. The range of possibilities with these fillings is unlimited. The richness of your imagination is easily embodied in a really tasty and appetizing product.

Recommended temperature modes
200-220 ℃ 15-20 min.

The composition of fillers with apple puree includes sugar, water, apple puree, starch, stabilizers, flavors, food dyes, preservatives.

Dry matter content 49 ± 2 0160%
Nutritional value per 100 g
Carbohydrates – 72.7
Of these: sugar 44.9
Energy value per 100 g
kCal – 291
kJ – 1218
Packing: corrugated box with PE-liner, net weight 10 kg.
Store at a temperature of 0 to +18 ℃ and relative humidity not exceeding 75%