Milk-containing fillings for confectionery

The fillers have a homogeneous consistency, distinct aroma, and a pleasant taste. They do not change their properties during mechanical settling. Easy to use, these fillers provide a good appearance of the finished product, mix well with butter, cream, nuts, dried fruits, and other ingredients.
They are used both for filling and for decoration of flour confectionery. We produce thermostable fillers for baking in products at t 200-220 ℃, for 10-15 minutes.
Recommended temperature modes
200-220 ℃ 15-20 min.

The composition of milk-containing fillers includes drinking water, sugar, corn starch, whey powder, milk fat substitute, stabilizers, flavors, food dyes, preservatives.
Recommended temperature modes
200-220 ℃ 15-20 min.

Dry matter content 49 ± 2%
Nutritional value per 100 g
proteins –
fat –
Of which: saturated –
Carbohydrates – 47.3
Of these: sugar – 40.4
Salt – 0.8
Energy value per 100 g
kCal – 190
kJ – 795
Packing: corrugated box with PE-liner, net weight 10 kg
Store at a temperature of 0 to +18 ℃ and relative humidity not exceeding 75%